Between 1-15 october 

15 december 2017- 15 january 2018

the cabin is closed

Due to the difficulty with which we bring the wood to the cottage from other regions we have to reduce the accommodation possibilities, so throughout the winter and until May we offer accommodation only during weekends, from Friday to Monday, for minimum 8 persons, reservation is made by SMS and is only valid if you receive the confirmation message.

We do not accommodate tourist with pets. So please do not bring them, if you do bring pets your reservation is no longer available and we will not accommodate you.

Accommodation is in two categories: microcabins, and Villa Stânişoara, both benefiting from common sanitary facility.

Please come equipped with sleeping bags, we do not have extra blankets.

At the villa there are 45 seats usable only in summer, distributed in rooms 2, 3 and 4 beds, shared bathroom, located on the ground floor, the facilities are at a higher standard than that of microcabins where aggregated microcabins representing 60 beds, are distributed in rooms of 2, 3, 4 and 8 beds with bathroom at remote distance of 50-100 meters.

There is no hot water. There are no showers for the microcabins and at the Vila there is only one that runs with cold water.

1 st of May 1st of October there is no possibility for fire in the fireplaces at the microcabins.

Both types of accommodation have access to the dining room and cafeteria complex, with a capacity of 56 seats inside and 50 seats on the sun terrace.

The tourist complex has 105 beds available during the summer season and 48  beds during the winter season.


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