Many tourists ask us about the danger of bears, but very few have the chance to meet them.

In Retezat bears are present, but avoid contact with people.

As a recommendation, do not leave marked trails. If you encounter a bear in the woods we advise you to not panic, just try to leave the area, as calmly and quietly as possible, without putting your health and physical integrity at risk.

Also if you come in Retezat with dogs, our advice is to keep them on a leash not to come into contact with wild animals.

Do not linger around raspberry and blueberry bushes, although very tasty, you have the chance of encountering a bear. You must understand that only assimilating a large amount of fruit allows the survival of bears. Exhausting their food source drives them to seek other food sources easier to reach, such as tents, huts.

Also you should not camp outside the areas specially designated for this, especially around the Retezat temporary sheepfolds, sheep and cattle attract bears attention.

We are asking you not to leave food scraps and waste around the tent or cabins, so to avoid attracting bears to areas visited by tourists.

At the altitude where the cabin  is located there is no dumpster for trash,  each tourist must carry their own waste outside the park, so we will not get to create opportunities for meeting bears that are in search of food.

Thank you!


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