There are vipers in Retezat. Vipers in Retezat are legally protected. Retezat vipers are venomous, but not lethal.

From the 80s until now were only 3 cases of tourists bitten by vipers, but they were caught by rebellious that took the viper and held it in his hand. Do not do this!

At the cabin there are vipers to, so we recommend that you only use the paths between the cottages, in sunny periods avoid rushing over boulders or siting down without taking a good look where you step.

Vipers do not fall from trees, they have no appetite for tourists they just love to bask in the sun and to feed on rodents. Most often feel the steps vibrations on the paths and try to move away from the source.

Supervise children and explain them the risks of trapping vipers.

Vipers are much slower, even numb when sitting in the sun, we kindly request you to avoid any contact with them, and do not panic, move away easily, without sudden movements to avoid accidents if you are on rough terrain.

You must understand that they are part of the ecosystem, creating a delicate balance, being the only ones to keep rodent numbers in healthy limits. We are intruders in an environment that belongs to them and other animals, so we must give them due respect.

Thank you!


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