Cabin rules

Thank you for your hard work, for your effort to reach the cabin!

From the chalet rules

For most of the tourists, but also the surrounding nature, please keep quiet between the hours of 22-6.

Please keep clean the place where you sleep and eat and the lodge surroundings.

Personal waste must be transported outside the park.

There is no dumpster at the cottage!

There is no sanitation machine to lift the waste!

No pets allowed in the dining room or chalet. We can not accommodate you with them, and can not make reservations for you.

Please use the designated toilet, not the corner of the cabin or the forest.

Do not cook indoors, portable cooking stoves are to be used only outdoors.

Do not wash dishes in the bathroom sinks.

It is forbidden to make fire outdoors, outside specially designated fireplaces.

Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings.

Do not move furniture and do not alter or use the electricity network only for lighting.

It is forbidden to remove dishes from the dining room and the blankets and linen from the room.

Any person responsible for the degradation, or destruction of the cabins property, shall pay the costs for repair or replacement of the articles.

Do not use candles for lighting only flashlights, there is a huge fire hazard.

Check-out is done no later than 11 am the day of departure every hour over requires an additional cost.

Thank you very much!


Locul unde se mănâncă bine!

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