For reservations


+40722715595 (Vodafone)

+40738621085 (Vodafone)

Due to the difficulty with which we bring the wood to the cottage from other regions we have to reduce the accommodation possibilities, so throughout the winter and until May we offer accommodation only during weekends, from Friday to Monday, for minimum 8 persons, reservation is made by SMS and is only valid if you receive the confirmation message.

PLEASE DO NOT insist calling, send a text message because the signal is extremely variable ! Send SMS we will try to answer as soon as possible!


Please come very well equipped! Bring sleeping bags.

We can not accommodate pets, so please find other places to stay in case you want to bring them with you.

DO NOT USE THE E-MAIL TO MAKE RESERVATIONS, we do not have internet access at the cabin!

(only in the period September 1 to June 1)  because the entire staff is at the cottage in the summer, we have no access to the internet, therefore please do not make reservations at this address but use phones.


Locul unde se mănâncă bine!

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