About the cabin

Lying in the heart of the National Park Retezat, elements of the natural landscape can be found right next to the cabin.
Access is possible on the road connecting the village Nucşoara to Carnic, last location that can be reached by motor means, you also need to walk two hours on the forest road to reach the cabin.
The settlement is  optimal for hiking, allowing access to the highest part of the mountain valleys of the northern region.
Pietrele Cabin has an optimum location for mountain tourism that enjoys the most spectacular views of the Romanian Carpathians.
Pietrele Cabin touristic complex is situated in Retezat at an altitude of 1480 meters in the northern region of the massif, including being in Retezat National Park, at the confluence of the mountain ridge side, is also a starting point for six classic touristic routes.
Pietrele Cabin is located in Zone II of Retezat National Park, known as the central area of ​​the park, this area is structured around the traditional well-known trekking routes in Retezat National Park.
Ocskay Grof, a noble from Hateg region, concerned about naturalism,  which held a part of Retezat Mountains, in the northern area,  donated the territory, on which is today situated Pietrele Cabin, to The Romanian Touring Club.
In 1936 T.C.R.  built Pietrele Cabin. Were they laid the foundation for the creation of the first structures for tourism in Retezat Mountains.
Nicolae Dinu, then President of T.C.R. employed as a security guard
Mary Magdalene, for the cabin . She was a great personality, which is outlined in Retezat Mountains history, with a good knowledge of the mountain she was the first mountain guide who has covered this territory and which marked the first trails with „Momai”(smal pyramids made of stones )
In 1939 actually began tourism activity of Pietrele Cabin, and besides  Mary Magdalene there was „Nana” Tia, who was helping Mary (the latter being illiterate). The time Maria Magdalena  spent at the cabin stretches until 1947, when the cottage was taken over by the National Confederation of Labour, and she had to retire.
She then withdrew to Campu lui Neag and on Saint Marie in 15 August 1948, a year later dies.
Today in memory of Mary Magdalene a waterfall located between Gentiana Cabin and Pietrele Cabin bears her name.
As inferred from the very purpose of the business units, its primary role as a provider of tourism, located in a mountainous area subject to the rules of sustainable tourism is providing specific services to tourists accommodation and catering, according to environment factors .


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